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The YOOSE network connects mobile content publishers with hyper-local, targeted ads for consumers.


The Basics (click to expand)

  • What is YOOSE?

YOOSE is a hyper-local mobile ad network. Our mobile advertising platform allows brands and agencies to target consumers with location-based offers/messages they can redeem in nearby stores or outlets. Find out more about us by navigating through our website and the rest of these FAQ.


  • How does YOOSE work?

YOOSE broadcasts location-targeted banner ads (static, dynamic, rich media or coupons) within smartphone apps. These are seen by consumers who are in close proximity to the advertiser’s outlet(s). GPS technology in smartphones and cell tower triangulation both help in determining the location of the mobile user.


  • What do consumers need to see YOOSE mobile ads?

The only requirement is a mobile device with internet connection, and to be using one of our partner apps.


  • What kind of offers/messages can consumers expect to see?

These are unique and vary depending on the advertiser and location. It can be anything from a new product launch to special discounts or free trials. We have a vast selection of offers ranging from broad categories like Eat & Drink, Leisure & Entertainment, Fitness, Beauty & Wellness and etc. Typically, advertisers’ campaigns include a call-to-action – be it directions to the nearest store, offers to sign up to a loyalty or other program, or even download their own app.


  • How does YOOSE engage consumers?

The user receives an in-app banner ad, which gives a brief description and displays the distance from the outlet. Clicking on the banner will present a range of choices/calls-to-action as mentioned above. This gives consumers the incentive to engage with the advertiser’s brand.


  • Is there a YOOSE app to download?

No, we do not have our own app. Instead, we work with partner apps and publishers, which have their own extensive network of apps, to broadcast the banner ads. The idea is that YOOSE works on the apps that users already have, eliminating the need for consumers to download yet another app.


  • Which apps feature YOOSE banner ads?

The YOOSE publishers’ network is growing all the time and currently stands at 35,000+ publishers in 230+ countries! App type coverage includes games, news, lifestyle, utilities and social networking. You name the category, we have it!

Just to name a few, we work with IRC, Soccer Livescores, Heywire, Huffington Post and etc.


  • How can I contact YOOSE?

For general issues/queries, you may drop us a mail at:

Advertisers wishing to book a campaign with us can also reach us via that email address.

For publishers/app developers looking to work with us, please contact us at:


Publishers (click to expand)

  • What are the benefits of joining YOOSE’s network?

You can achieve rapid and sustainable monetisation of your mobile content. With our location based advertisements, YOOSE adds value to your mobile apps and sites by allowing your users to benefit from relevant and attractive offers, thereby driving user adoption and app loyalty. You can also monitor the on-going revenue generation of your mobile inventory, using a single interface.


  • Is it easy to integrate?

Yes, it’s very simple. Our easy-to-implement API and SDK allows you to be connected to a vast network of advertisers, brands, ad networks and agencies.


  • How and what do I need to integrate?

All you need is to request for our publisher tool kit, which consists of our API and SDK, for a fast and smooth integration to the YOOSE mobile Publisher’s network.


  • How do I generate revenues with YOOSE?

You earn revenues on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, in other words, every time the banner ads are clicked.


  • How will YOOSE pay me?

You will receive payment from YOOSE through Paypal, so please ensure that you have a Paypal account.


  • When will I get paid?

You will get paid at the end of every month. For the first month you got started in our network, you will be paid at the end of the month as well, if you’ve reached the minimum threshold.


  • What is the minimum amount of revenue I must accumulate before I get paid?

YOOSE will pay you when you have accumulated above $100. Earnings below that amount will roll over to the next month.


  • What is the currency of my revenue?

You can choose to be paid in USD, EUR or SGD.


Getting Started

You can connect with us through all the usual channels or via our partner agencies - see our contact page for details or use the form below.