Chuck E. Cheese - Yanbu City Promotion

Find out how YOOSE drove awareness for Chuck E. Cheese in Saudi Arabia.

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Campaign Goal

American family restaurant brand Chuck E. Cheese requesting for a Promotion and Awareness campaign including Footfall Attribution and Measurement.

Targeting the city of Yanbu in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Footfall Attribution for one single Point of Sales.


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Our Solution

Classical setup for a F&B Awareness/ Footfall Attribution campaign:

  • Promotion and awareness targeting city wide on Yanbu through classical Standard and Interstitial banner sizes.

  • We were optimizing the campaign during the run time for more local display of the banners around the outlet (1km radius versus initial setup with city wide targeting). Following the Impulsive Buying nature for F&B, this resulted in increase Footfall Attribution.

    Banners in Arabian language, hence priority targeting for Arabian Apps and Web sites.





Over 375k views.



640 footfall attribution



Achieved average performance CTR


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