CoCA-COLA - 2018 Christmas Campaigns

Find out how YOOSE drove awareness for Coca-Cola’s in ROMANIA.


Campaign Goal

Two Coca-Cola Christmas campaigns in Romania with 1 and 2 weeks duration to create awareness of promotion activities at specific locations.

Drive and measure footfall to the Christmas Tree Vending Machine and Truck. Boost year end sales and pushing ROI.



Our Solution

Precise location mobile targeting around promotion venues using dynamic banners, which display the real-time distance from the users' locations to the nearest POI.

Measure foot traffic at the promotion venues with a radius down to 60 meters allowing a rest time of 30 minutes after the first influencing targeting


RESULTS of caravana truck tour



Over 609,457 views



Over 1552 footfall measured


Over CTR 1.32%

Achieved high industry  average


Are YOU evaluating the power of location-based advertising?