LIDL - Deluxe KW46

Find out how YOOSE drove awareness for LIDL’s in ROMANIA.


Campaign Goal

Boost awareness for LIDL Deluxe selection with Hyperlocal Targeting at 212 store locations.    

Use Dynamic Ads to deliver live location to users who are nearby the stores to entice visits.

Drive additional footfall traffic to LIDL supermarkets for further boosting consumption.


Screenshot 2018-11-28 at 10.08.00 AM.png

Our Solution

Configure Hyperlocal Targeting strategy for each supermarkets. Targeted Geofence: 1km around each stores.

Use Footfall Tracking to measure and optimize the KPIs for the campaigns.

Target high income earners for Deluxe product range through audience targeting and publisher selection.





Over 250,000 views



Over 3982 footfall tracked


Over CTR 1.61%

Achieved high industry  average


Are YOU evaluating the power of location-based advertising?