Semperit -

Find out how YOOSE drove awareness for Semperit’s in Austria.


Campaign Goal

Raise awareness for Continental’s tires 3 years warranty during the winter season in Austria.

Geofenced targeting on OPEL car dealers only. Hence, focusing and creating an audience based on location for present and future campaigns.


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Our Solution

High precision location targeting on OPEL car dealers with over 200 locations. 200m high precision radius around those Point of Interest.

Classic split between targeting and retargeting phases: Targeting phase defining automotive affiliated audience through location. Retargeting of homogenous, well defined audience in 2nd phase, retargeting.

Promotion and awareness through Standard and Interstitial Banner sizes. Additional engagement through the usage of Understitial Banners and Rich Media Banners.





Over 500,000 views



More than 57,000
unique users marked


Over CTR 1.78%

Achieved high industry average


Are YOU evaluating the power of location-based advertising?