Telkomsel Indonesia - NSP campaigns

Find out how YOOSE drove awareness for Telkomsel in Indonesia.

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Campaign Goal

NSP is a data service of Telkomsel. This campaign targeted Telkomsel's users, aimed to increase user awareness of Telkomsel's NSP promotions.

The promotions lasted 19 days and applied for all Telkomsel users in Indonesia.


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Our Solution

DCampaigns divided by 20 ad groups corresponding to 20 regions in which there are high concentration of Telkomsel users.

Classic Hyper Local setup: High precision polygon definition of geographic areas on the map.

Contextual app and mobile site selection: Get better access to your target group by selecting mobile Apps and Sites





Over 5,000,000 impressions.


Increase users awareness
and number of participant to Telkomsel NSP promotion



Achieved high performance CTR


Are YOU evaluating the power of location-based advertising?