Kaernten Werbung - Destination Marketing 2018

Find out how YOOSE drove awareness for Kaernten Werbung’s in Austria.


Campaign Goal

Austria’s federal state “Kaernten” with a tourism destination marketing campaign with particular focus on sports tourism and sport interested target audience.

Starting point for the objectives was how to reach the right audience.

Secondly, create awareness for Kaernten as a sports oriented and sports friendly destination.

Lastly, via the landing page attracting clients to Kaernten.



Our Solution

The “Kaernten Werbung” campaign is a prime example for two core aspects of YOOSE Hyperlocal mobile advertising campaigns:

how location defines audience

for a targeting and retargeting campaign

Together with Kaernten Werbung and our Austrian Partner agency, we have developed a strategy to target the right sports focused audience, at the right location, at the right time.

And in a second step to retarget this homogenous, clearly defined audience in order to increase engagement and conversions.




Location defines audience. Kaernten Werbung wanted to attract sport related audiences from the countries of Poland, Czechia and Hungary.

We went hyper local at sports stores in Budapest, Prague and Warsaw. Then, important sports events like the national marathons were on the list. As well as sports related fairs and expositions (E.g. Bike Expo for the three countries).

Of course, the targeting phase was already used to create awareness and promotion for Kaernten as a tourist destination. Highly attractive standard and interstitial banners were used.

Most importantly, we were able to mark users who interacted with the Banners and that were directed to the landing page for the 2nd phase, i.e. the retargeting phase.




During the retargeting phase display of updated retargeting banners to the audience collected during targeting phase.

Emphasize of timing, to reach the users during family time, i.e. focus on after work hours and weekends, maximizing engagement and conversion.





Over 400.000 views



Over 75,300
unique users reached



Delivered >315,000 views


Are YOU evaluating the power of location-based advertising?