How Telkomsel used location to launch their 4G LTE service across Indonesia

When one of Indonesia’s top telecommunication companies, Telkomsel wanted to launch their new 4G LTE service across the country, they built location into the design of their nationwide mobile advertising campaign.

YOOSE collaborated with leading solution integrator AQN to create geofences across five Indonesian cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Medan and Surabaya, to target Telkomsel customers over a period of one month.

Eye-catching creatives were used to grab the attention of mobile users using a mix of full screen and traditional banners. One ad let people click through to a landing page directing them to their closest Telkomsel 4G LTE covered zone. Another led to an online pre-order form making it easy for customers to switch to a 4G LTE sim card. Specific banners also promoted events and educated mobile users about how to make a switch to the sim card too.

The full screen takeover banners had the highest click through rate of more than 3%, highlighting the fact that size does matter when it comes to in-app display ads.

Overall the campaign achieved seven times more the industry average click through rates.



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