Mobile advertisers must be agile to adapt to changes in consumer behaviour patterns

Across the Middle East, businesses need to adapt to specific consumer behaviour to effectively target mobile consumers during Ramadan when Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset. Ramadan is the busiest shopping time of the year in the Gulf region, typically with many sales and special promotions. The month is characterised by greatly different opening hours with many stores closing for a time during the day but then staying open as late as 2AM.

Having supported several leading brands in the region with location-based advertising solutions, Amy Hong, Head of EMEA Sales for YOOSE, summarises the most important factors brands need to take into account to effectively target audiences during times of altered consumer behaviour. Amy says ‘essentially it’s about integrating context, high-quality visuals and calls-to-action underpinned by location’.

When Paris Gallery, the region’s largest luxury department store, wanted to raise awareness about special Ramadan promotions and drive foot traffic into its stores across the Gulf region, it turned to an integrated location and context solution. YOOSE implemented geo-fences around the stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and used striking creatives in both English and Arabic to appeal to international and local consumers.

‘Combining location with context, which in this case is language, meant that the ad appealed across both audience segments and resulted in more than three times the average industry CTR’ says Amy.

During Ramadan, the normally bustling cafes and restaurants in the Gulf region’s shopping malls are quiet during the day, but people flock to them for iftar; the evening meal when Muslims end their daily fast at sunset. YOOSE then used its expertise by combining location with timing and language to help Nespresso promote their Ramadan offers and drive traffic to their stores in the region. Specific messages targeted consumers before and after iftar inviting them for a free cup of coffee at the store. Nespresso’s ad was viewed over 4 millions times across the Gulf region and almost 3 times higher than average industry CTR.

Dior chose the Ramadan period to activate its Backstage make-up range in Sephora across the Gulf. YOOSE then developed a made-to-measure solution: geo fences were set in five major malls across the region with elegant creatives in both Arabic and English to appeal to both international and local consumers and entice them to click on the ad. Consumers who clicked on the ad were then directed to a customised landing page which promoted the Dior Backstage video. Amy says ‘the direct click to video really enabled Dior to bring Backstage to life for consumers - its appeal was overwhelming with over 30% of those that landed on the ad/clicked on the ad went on to play Dior's video.

Essentially, it’s about the agility of having an integrated location-based solution that can quickly be tailored to meet big seasonal changes in consumer behaviour such as Ramadan, Chinese New Year and Christmas.



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