4 Reasons To Double Your Mobile Advertising Today

2016 is undoubtedly the year to invest additional effort into your mobile advertising - mobile usage recently surpassed desktop, and is growing at a rate three times faster than desktop. Even if you have previously engaged in mobile advertising, improvements in technology, analytics and strategy are still aplenty and ever-changing.

Mobile has not only become the thorough line for interaction between consumers and businesses, but also the home for omnichannel marketing. Omnichannel marketing refers to creating a seamless, consistent and personal customer experience across all online and offline channels, different from 'multichannel marketing', which often bombards users with generalised, irrelevant ads. Think of mobile as the hub for engaging consumers across multiple channels. 

Read on to find out the 4 reasons you should double mobile advertising today.


Engaging your audiences

Mobile ads can be utilised to engage consumers on unprecedented levels; as they are fully customisable with videos, maps and other location based features. Video ads are especially impactful; mobile users are 6 times more likely to be exposed to video ads, and spend an average of 71 seconds watching them, compared to 37 seconds spent on standard mobile ads. Video ads offer a smooth and welcoming teaser, and are often the most reliable incentive to engage users. Mobile ads, especially video, are a brand’s bread and butter for engaging consumers and gathering insights on consumer behaviour and preferences. This serves as a key tool for communication and interaction to encourage audiences to make purchases, and also used for future reference. Ensuring that ads are both engaging and relevant at the same time can significantly increase conversion rates, as well as brand affinity.


Location is key

Location based ads can be used to used to bridge users' online-to-offline experience; directing consumers to nearby stores, coupled with real-time distance updates. By integrating location and distance into mobile ads, it can drive user engagement which subsequently drives footfall and sales.

Geo conquesting is another form of location based ads, where brands utilise location to target users near or at competitors’ storefronts and redirect footfall into your own stores. Now more than ever, shoppers are seeking product information, in-store events or promotions on their mobile devices while shopping physically. If marketers can deliver ads with the relevant information, it can significantly increase Store Visitation Lift (SVL). Mobile users are always connected, capitalising on location can increase engagement, enticing them with better products or offers at your store, as well as a seamless and enjoyable mobile experience.


Millennials are the future

Millennials are the ones to watch, not only because they are responsible for much of the modern world's "mobile boost", but more so because they are old enough to impact the market. 87% of Millennials keep their smartphones on hand throughout the day, with 78% of them spending a minimum of 2 hours on their smartphones daily. In fact, many Millennials first accessed the web on mobile devices and may not even own a desktop device, moving us towards a mobile-first and mobile-only world. With mobile devices taking over Millennials' time and attention, it is vital to create ads that will reach and engage them, especially in this ever-changing technological landscape.


Evolving technology

Technology is evolving rapidly, and quickly replacing old devices. If marketers are stuck in traditional marketing ways, they may become obsolete as well. Wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers have successfully penetrated the market, with augmented reality (or virtual reality) trailing close behind, and consumers will soon determine it's place in the market.

The challenge here is to encourage your consumers to be early adopters, and engage them using new and exciting ways. It is time for you to double your effort on mobile advertising, especially video and native ads, as these formats are currently trending and predicted to experience significant growth. Most importantly, stay relevant to your consumers in order to make an impact on their purchasing behaviour.

Mobile advertising in this day and age means reaching people where they are; as they switch between multiple devices, searching, scrolling, snapping or calling. Make 2016 your year in seizing the opportunity in mobile advertising; create a dynamic, integrated customer experience from start to finish that will propel your company ahead of competitors.



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