6 Step Guide To Planning A Mobile Campaign

Mobile advertising, in particular in-app advertising, has been predicted to grow faster than all other forms of digital advertising. So how do you leverage on mobile to capture the attention of the "mobile first" user?

In this YOOSE Expert Guide, find out:

  • How to identify the right objectives for your mobile campaign
  • What each type of mobile ad can do
  • What makes mobile ads perform better
  • How to measure the results of your mobile ad campaign


YOOSE is the market leader in location based advertising solutions in Asia-Pacific and Europe. An early pioneer in location-based technology, YOOSE has been delivering powerful mobile campaigns for global brands since 2008. YOOSE understands how location-based technology is changing the way mobile consumers behave and interact with brands; it employs its deep expertise, wide experience and passion to help brands capture the opportunities that the rapidly evolving area of location based advertising can bring.

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