Acquiring New Customers With Mobile

Mobile devices are the way to go whenever holidays or Black Friday approaches. Shoppers all over the world utilise their mobile devices to view, research and make purchases anywhere and everywhere.


According to MarketingLand, 60% of shopping movement came from smartphones from November to December. It also stated that purchases made on Black Friday on smartphones were 2 times higher in 2014 than 2013.


This shows that businesses need to have a mobile strategy to not only attract customers, but for customers to utilise too. Here we give you tips to attract customers through mobile advertising.


Capability of the device

Marketers have to remember that there are a huge variety of mobile devices on the market that the mobile consumers are carrying. However, not all of the mobile devices are compatible with all types of mobile applications. This is where multiple devices, cross devices, iOS and Android targeting comes in handy.


Contact information

Contact information is always necessary in mobile ads. It is highly important to add in the contact information so the mobile consumers would know how to contact you. You can even add in a map to direct the mobile users to your retail stores.


Integration with social media


According to First Data, 81% of smartphone users check social media platforms for reviews before making a purchase. It would be easier for the mobile users to navigate around the mobile ads with social media linked to it. Most importantly, they would still remain in pages that are relevant to your brand and not be distracted.


Mobile coupons

Recent study concludes that four out of five shoppers uses their mobile devices to shop. Marketers need to tap on this and start offering promotional codes or coupons via push notifications through beacons or mobile ads to attract customers.


Consequently, when you have the data of mobile users who have seen or clicked on the ad, you will be able to retarget them. This increases the possibility of them making a purchase. In this way, you will be able to attract new customers and get them to stay loyal.




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