Digital ad spending to surpass TV in 2017

2017 will mark a major milestone for digital ads, as the total ad spending for digital surpasses TV for the first time in history, as reported by eMarketer. In 2017, the total ad spending for TV will amount to $72.01 billion, which is 35.8% of the total media ad spending in the United States. At the same time, the total digital ad spending will hit $77.37 billion, which is 38.4% of the total ad spending.

TV ad spending is still forecasted to grow by about 2% a year, but by 2020, the spending share is predicted to drop below one-third of the total media ad spending. According to eMarketer, positive growth is still expected for TV ad spend, but more emphasis will be placed on digital to optimise spending in a possibly challenging economic year.

True to expectations, mobile continues to be the channel to drive growth in digital ad spending. It is predicted that mobile ad spending in the United States will grow 38%, which is equivalent to $43.60 billion. This means that mobile will take up 63.4% of total digital ad spending in the United States this year. Meanwhile, the total digital ad spending has been predicted to increase by 15.4%, reaching $68.82 billion.

With consumers continuing their engagement in mobile devices, marketers are fully expected to integrate all marketing activities including advertising to mobile.



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