Generations React Differently To Mobile Ads

It is important for marketers to understand how different generations react or engage with mobile ads, especially when mobile ads can reach different groups of consumers.

According to Nielsen’s second-quarter 2016 Connected Device Report, 19% of millennials, 17% of Gen X-ers, and 14% of baby boomers find viewing a mobile ad with coupon or promotion to be the number 1 priority when engaging with mobile ads. On the other hand, mobile users in the Gen Z and Greatest Generation group are most motivated by mobile ads that touched on their search or interest topic.

However, the findings for mobile ads on tablets are different. 16% of Gen Z-ers are more likely to engage with an ad of a brand that they are familiar with, while 14% are motivated by an ad with offer.

Additionally, 44% of Millennials and 42% of Gen Z-ers find mobile ads acceptable as long as the content is free and does not feed on their data plan. Convenience is important too, with 32% of both groups stating that they would be interested in clicking on an ad if it does not interrupt with what they are doing.

There were generational differences in the way different groups interact with mobile devices too. The older group of smartphone users are not as willing as the younger one to reveal their personal details for free or discounted content.


55% of Gen Z consumers and 48% of Millennials are willing to take action on an ad that has the right mix of branding and promotion, coupled with convenience. On the other hand, Gen X, baby boomers and the Greatest Generation tend to be more careful about releasing their particulars, regardless of offer or not.


The key takeaway for marketers is to come up with offers for mobile ads to reach different groups of mobile users. Make mobile ads personal and relevant with some offers thrown in to increase the engagement level from different generations.


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