Get Your Money's Worth With Video Ads

Mobile video ads generate 17x more clicks, thus the higher price compared to standard mobile display banner ads is justified - as shown in a recent study.


Brands looking to increase brand or product awareness can look towards video advertising. As brand building, videos are the most viewed and most popular, as compared to videos with commercial content.


The reason might be the engagement level that video offers, as compared to a display ad. Videos attract the attention of mobile users and let users enjoy an interactive experience, making it memorable for them.


According to a study, 88% of people, on average, spent more time on a website with video. 50% remember more from videos than text, and 60% prefer watching a video message than reading.


Additionally, the number of digital video viewers surpassed 200 million in the United States in 2015. It was also estimated that the number of global online video users will hit 1.5 billion in 2016.


However, brands are still underutilising video advertising despite it being a dominant and engaging medium. Brands have to remember that attractive visuals always have a bigger impact on their target audience. And as the saying goes, visual is the new headline.




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