Guide to Winning in Mobile Advertising

According to eMarketer, mobile advertising revenue is expected to reach $195 billion by the year 2019 - twice as much as it was in 2015. With mobile consumption rates increasing significantly, the future is bright for companies investing in a mobile strategy.


Each year, the enhancements on mobile devices (in terms of hardware and software) bring more opportunities for brands to reach out to their target audience more efficiently. Through this technological evolution, the impact that mobile devices have in our lives will be felt ever wider. So how can marketers better understand the wants, needs and priorities of the target audience to provide a best mobile user experience that will drive loyalty, revenue and exposure for brands?


Take the following steps and you might find yourselves celebrating the victory to a successful mobile strategy.


Content: Consumers want accurate information from mobile ads. Prove to your target audience that your content is important and that they cannot do without it, so that they will come back for more. Video advertising is in demand because people love visual storytelling.


Context: It has become a necessity to provide a customised mobile experience to your target audience. In most instances, mobile is where your target audience sees you and hence, it is important to address the context of a mobile user when advertising to them. By tracking individual consumer behaviour in real-time, brands can also customise the experience for that particular customer, where a one-to-one personalised advertisement and relevance can show users that brands care and understand them. This is critical in a successful mobile strategy.


Consumable: Mobile ads must be easy to understand within 8 seconds, as an average person’s attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in 2015. Short videos for instance, are easy to understand, and makes your target audience prioritise it over other forms of mobile ads. eMarketer predicts that by 2017, more than 20 percent of a day will be spent on video advertising.


Community: Encourage and enable your target audience to join in the conversation. Let them become part of the experience, which is part of the mobile charm. Mobile enables more personal interactions between brands and people and gives consumers a platform to voice their opinions. By building an active community around your brand with a two-way engagement channel, consumers will turn into ambassadors for your brand.



Connectivity: Our lives are connected more than ever with the evolution of digital devices, and hence, it is helpful to understand the mobile user journey. Identify the user’s digital interactions and activity preferences to better understand them, such as when do they normally check their phone, and which are their most frequently used apps. These present different opportunities to connect with consumers and inform brands on the best way to communicate with them.


Now is the best time to experiment with mobile ads, and use it to find the best way to engage your target audience, as most consumers are not putting down their mobile devices. By placing great content in mobile ads that are easily noticeable and easy to understand, it will help brands to build community and connect consumers to their brands. This all starts with a winning mobile strategy.




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