How To Optimise Technology For Successful Mobile Marketing

Technological advancements are occurring at unprecedented rates and as marketers, whether we like it or not, we need to try to stay ahead or at the very least, keep up. Technology not only allows businesses to connect and engage with their consumers at every step of the decision-making process, it now allows businesses to access a plethora of valuable consumer data. This data includes information on consumer behaviour and preferences, as well as whether or not marketing efforts are reaching the right audiences.


According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), mobile advertising now accounts for the single largest individual segment of online advertising, making up a whopping 40%. Mobile advertising has grown rapidly over recent years, and it does not look like it will slow down anytime soon. Users are picking up their phones over 150 times, and spending an average of 177 minutes on their mobile devices daily. Conversion rates on mobile devices have increased by 29% since last year, and consumers are gradually moving away from their desktops. If this does not demonstrate the importance and potential of mobile marketing, we’re not sure what will.


Here are two ways in which leveraging on readily available technology can help you develop successful mobile marketing efforts.


Maximising Reach with Lower Costs

Traditionally, online advertising was extremely slow and required a lot of tedious manual processing such as RFPs, human negotiation and manual insertion of IOs. Advertisers also had little control over the ad inventory purchased, and commonplace bulk ad campaigns often led to waste and inefficiencies.


Now, with programmatic advertising, mobile advertisers can concentrate on audiences that truly matter by matching specific ads to a mobile user, driving higher click-through rates and conversion.


Furthermore, programmatic media buying allows advertisers to track mobile campaign performance in real-time, and even tweak their campaign for best results. This includes managing inventory, geo-location targeting, and the frequency of the campaign to optimise reach and performance.


Programmatic advertising for mobile is widely available at reasonable costs, and definitely worth exploring for your next mobile marketing campaign.


Converting data into value

Data might just be the single most important factor in determining a mobile marketing campaign’s success. With data, marketers can identify the users that best match the ads, where to find these users, and determine the best ways to deliver their messages across. Understanding these elements of the execution process is key for all marketers, not only for user acquisition, but also for brand affinity and aided or unaided recall.


Users’ attention spans are shorter than ever, down to an average of 8 seconds, which is shorter than that of a goldfish. Insights into consumer behaviour and preferences can make all the difference in attaining exceptional campaign performance, especially when messages delivered to consumers are updated in real-time.


Data coupled with proper analytics can go a long way, because user acquisition is only the beginning. Marketers must be forward-looking; retention, engagement and conversion are all equally important, if not more important, phases of the customer lifecycle. Analytics allow marketers to understand their consumers and connect with them on a deeper level, develop brand affinity and loyalty. It also helps marketers determine which of their consumers warrant more attention and investment. Data analytics sets targeted efforts apart from blanket advertising, which does not differentiate between individual users.


Marketers should strive to stay ahead of the ever-changing mobile ecosystem, looking past clicks or impressions, and instead focus more on deeper user engagement. By leveraging on the advancement of technology, marketers can utilise programmatic ads and valuable data to greatly increase the success of their marketing campaigns.



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