How To Overcome Banner Blindness In Mobile Advertising

Banner blindness happens when mobile users ignore banner advertisements on their mobile devices. This blindness can get so powerful that users would ignore everything that seems like a banner advertisement.

The reality is that ads are everywhere! This leads mobile users to harbor indifference or even distress.

How to overcome banner blindness

While pop-up banners or automatic videos and sounds may attract mobile users’ attention, they could also annoy them greatly. Frustrated mobile users would then place these negative feelings towards the brand, which would damage the brand image and reduce customer satisfaction.

In contrast, delivering a targeted and personalised offer to mobile users helps to increase brand awareness and image. Better still, the personalised offer can help to solve a problem for the consumers. That would encourage them to willingly click the banners advertisements. Additionally, with enhanced design and user experience, the ads would enjoy higher click-through rates and exposure, and in turn, engage more mobile users.

A recent study by IAB shows that video ads are effective and impactful for building brand awareness and favourability. The results also showed brands could move potential customers along the sales funnel, as they would likely conduct a mobile search or visit the brand’s website.

Another way to overcome banner blindness is to make mobile ads less banner-like. A good example would be a native ad, which blends into the content’s surrounding and background. This type of mobile ads tends to attract mobile users.

Mobile ads only have a split second to convey the message and to attract the attention of the mobile users. Thus, short and simple messages should be used together with attractive images. The detailed messages could be displayed at a later stage.

Personalisation is key

Brands should remember not to spam their customers. 75% of consumers get easily annoyed with irrelevant ads. It would be better for brands to send less but more relevant and targeted mobile ads.  

Additionally, adding games into mobile ads can help to attract the attention of mobile users through personal engagement. It also provides valuable customer insights that can be used to segment your target audience by their preferences, and to personalise future marketing campaigns.

Interactive mobile ads such as quizzes would also help brands to understand the needs of consumers. Brands can also phrase their ads as tips rather than the typical mobile ads.

Consumers take the advice of friends

Friends and peers’ advice matters more to consumers than mobile ads. Thus, brands need to engage and interact more with consumers. For its prevalence, brands should integrate social media into their mobile marketing strategies as well.

With more than 3 billion Internet users worldwide, and a rapidly increasing mobile penetration rate, it is critical that brands proactively address banner blindness by thoroughly understanding consumers’ behaviours. This allows brands to turn their mobile ads into a channel that generates revenue, and meet customer needs.


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