Hyperlocal Is The Way To Go

Whether your brand is a global household name, a national giant, or a small local startup, hyperlocal mobile marketing can add value to your business. Here’s why.  



Hardly anyone goes anywhere without their phone, this means that mobile ads achieve what print, TV, radio, desktop and OOH (out-of-home) ads cannot - massive scale. Whether your business is brick-and-mortar or e-commerce, mobile garners extensive consumer awareness without spending extravagant amounts.


Adopting a hyperlocal approach to specifically target users based on their location information allows you to focus your brand’s outreach. Instead of targeting one general audience and broadcasting ads to them, zooming in on several granular local audiences reaches these diverse groups exclusively and more effectively.


Capture User Attention And Response

50-70% of mobile users say they are more likely to respond to ads that are relevant to their local proximity or search intent. In other words, the closer the customer is to you, the greater your opportunity to generate revenue from them. Now more than ever, mobile users expect brands to utilise data and provide highly personalised ad experiences. Brands who treat every viewer as analogous are in for a rude awakening as users will not only ignore your ad, but go down a path of resenting your brand.


Technology now allows brands to easily create a virtual geofence around their store, pushing location based ads when users enter, exit, or even while they are browsing your store. By deciding when to target users, brands can gain an advantage over competitors by sending quick, intelligent location based ads.


However, brands must be wary not to abuse the geofence and bombard users with ads that are repetitive or irrelevant. Also, as users are always on-the-go, their locations are going to change frequently, so do not drown them in notifications. Instead, pair geofencing with other forms of segmentation to target only relevant users. This level of personalisation and thought makes users feel privileged and important, thereby increasing loyalty and ultimately sales performance.


“Go Small To Save Big”

Adopting a more granular focus on several distinctive groups might seem costly or impractical, but in reality, it actually leads to greater budget efficiency. Campaigns that lack location targeting are wasting ad impressions and inhibiting local engagement. Brands need to spend time and effort getting to know the communities they want to reach and target. Thus, targeting your ads and notifications at a localised level can significantly increase mobile ad performance and ultimately, campaign ROI.


Encouraging Conversion

Hyperlocal, targeted ads perform two to three times better than non-targeted ads. Targeting is not only beneficial to advertisers, but mobile users as well. When users look for information, they expect it to be delivered quickly and conveniently, and they will not jump through any hoops to find it.


Thus, ads need to provide not only locally-relevant information, but also an efficient, fuss-free user experience wherever possible. Well developed, hyperlocal mobile ad campaigns should offer users actionable data with clear calls-to-action; such as real-time access to the nearest store location, product information or “Call Now” and “Buy Now” buttons.


Boosts Bottom-line

At the end of the day, bottom-line is still the most powerful ROI indicator. CTR, SAR and SVL means nothing if revenue and profits are not growing. Users’ interaction and engagement with the local business makes the world go round, and a good hyperlocal mobile strategy is key to bridging the gap between the digital world and face-to-face engagement.


Nowadays, the most popular method of brand interaction is via mobile, and that hinges a lot on location. Beyond the initial click, 50% of mobile users look up the location of a business. From there, 39% click to call the local business, and 48% download map or driving directions. Thus, it is safe to assume that once mobile users take the step to engage with targeted hyperlocal mobile ads, most of these users will pay that business a visit shortly after. At the very least, hyperlocal ads increase the relevancy of any mobile ad campaign, which in turn enhances the overall user engagement and drives customers through your door.



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