Ignoring Mobile Advertising? Bid Farewell To Your Marketing Plans

Take a look at your surroundings. If you are advertising a brand, product or service, your audience is around you: the people using their mobile devices. In this connected time and age, you can no longer ignore the advantages and opportunities of mobile advertising.


Today, people are constantly texting, emailing or using social media and other apps on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). It does not matter if they are in a meeting, at the train station or flying to their next destination. Using mobile devices is now accepted everywhere and in almost every setting - even airplanes offer Wi-Fi these days!


However, despite mobile devices being a part of our everyday lives, not all businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of mobile advertising. Some businesses are still resisting, or not fully integrating mobile into their marketing plans. By ignoring the mobile channel, businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity to engage with their current and potential customers. They are losing the chance to capture interest, generate sales leads and increase engagement.


Utilising mobile as a communication channel helps to attract and convert the right target audiences with the use of various layers of targeting, such as demographics, location, time and language. Coupled with captivating creatives and short messages, mobile ads can establish an emotional connection with mobile users in less than 15 seconds at the right time and right place.


Mobile advertising will be increasingly integrated into marketing plans as companies recognise the effects and ROI (Return On Investment) of this simple yet extremely powerful tool. Mobile is driving a paradigm shift in marketing. Consumers dictate how enterprises work to derive more value through their engagement and interactions, making mobile a good channel to target current and potential consumers who want personalised, creative and dynamic ads.


It is no longer a question of whether mobile advertising should be included in the marketing plan. Businesses have to start truly harnessing the power of mobile advertising within their marketing plans to successfully engage and capture customers.



YOOSE is the market leader in location based advertising solutions in Asia-Pacific and Europe. An early pioneer in location-based technology, YOOSE has been delivering powerful mobile campaigns for global brands since 2008. YOOSE understands how location-based technology is changing the way mobile consumers behave and interact with brands; it employs its deep expertise, wide experience and passion to help brands capture the opportunities that the rapidly evolving area of location based advertising can bring.

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Christian Geissendoerfer