Location Based Advertising Is Essential To Remain Competitive

A new study by Forbes Insights and xAd has found that mobile has the ability to capture purchase intent and convert it into additional revenue. On the other hand, according to The Department of Commerce, 90% of retail transactions will still happen in brick and mortar stores even though the number of global smartphone users will hit the 2.5 billion mark by 2018.


Change in consumers’ behaviour and expectations

The behaviour and expectations of consumers are always changing. Consumers expect better service from brands as mobile apps are changing the way people shop, eat, date and travel. Consumers expect an immediate, personalised and at-the-moment experience when it comes to shopping online or in physical stores.


A good opportunity for marketers

With mobile exceeding desktop in terms of online searches, location based marketing presents a good opportunity for marketers to engage and interact with consumers. Location based marketing leverages on the location of mobile consumers to send them relevant ads. This helps create purchase intent, drive footfall to physical stores and foster engagement with consumers. As a result, location plays an important role in leveraging these on-the-spot purchasing decisions.


“Marketers can use mobile to bridge the online to offline experience, such as leveraging on the location data of consumers, or using beacons to send push notifications to them in real time,” said Christian Geissendoerfer, Founder and CEO of YOOSE. “This drives footfall to brick and mortar stores and unlocks additional revenue for brands.”


Mobile devices essential for purchasing decision

Additionally, Forbes Insight reported that mobile users on the go are 45% more likely to make a purchase within an hour as compared to those at home, and nearly half (44%) of the population voted mobile devices as their essential aid in making purchase decisions.


This makes it critical for marketers to target mobile users on the go with relevant offers to drive them to physical stores.



YOOSE is the market leader in location based advertising solutions in Asia-Pacific and Europe. An early pioneer in location based technology, YOOSE has been delivering powerful mobile campaigns for global brands since 2008. YOOSE understands how location based technology is changing the way mobile consumers behave and interact with brands; it employs its deep expertise, wide experience and passion to help brands capture the opportunities that the rapidly evolving area of location based advertising can bring.

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