How To Do Location Based Mobile Advertising The Right Way

A great deal of marketers who have used location based mobile advertising are familiar with the multitude of advantages, most of them use it as a proper proxy for audience segmentation. Unfortunately, not all marketers are employing location based mobile advertising the right way.


Here we offer some tips on how to make your location based mobile advertising efforts more effective.


Serve your mobile ads at the right time and place

It is paramount that you do not fall victim to short-sighted location targeting, in essence serving your mobile ads at the wrong time at the right place, which leads to missed impressions and clicks, and a wasted budget.


Marketers must keep in mind that smartphone usage occurs anywhere and everywhere. People are picking up their phones over 150 times a day, and this can happen at anytime and any place. To garner all these impressions, it would be best to target your customers with location based offers via mobile ads anytime and anywhere.


Do not over-target or over-segment your audience

Over-targeting can result in a greatly reduced sample size, or possibly ignoring and omitting potential interested audiences. Over-segmenting, on the other hand, runs the risk of low-quality ads or capturing audiences that are insignificant.


Location based mobile advertising is indeed effective, yet it needs to be used in moderation. Abusing mobile ads can easily become extremely annoying and aggravating to mobile users, instantly creating a negative image of your brand and customer experience.


Besides location targeting, you might want to introduce layer targeting to ensure that you are engaging and interacting with the right audience. Adding layers increases the distinctiveness and precision of your audience. For instance, layering by demographic, age, gender or even mobile behaviour. Especially in circumstances when you know you have a niche audience, you should consider adding additional layers of targeting to isolate these users. However, bear in mind that the audience size is considerably reduced with each layer added.


While you should be selective in segmenting your customers, be careful not to end up with too many different segments. Developing too many distinct segments can easily lead to low-quality ads, and we are all too familiar with quality over quantity. Over-segmenting could lead to low or insufficient budgets for each segment, and an overly disparate ad campaign overall.


Like any other trend that is adopted, the best practices will shift swiftly as technology continues to improve and develop, thus staying relevant is vital. Location based mobile advertising is extremely beneficial for any company, but it undoubtedly requires a certain amount of adaptation to ever-changing technology. Either way, jumping on the bandwagon if you have not already done so is definitely a good idea.



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