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When Givenchy wanted to promote its ‘Gentlemen Only’ fragrance to mobile consumers in Saudi Arabia, it turned to location. Location-based advertising experts, YOOSE, worked with agency Iconiction to create a location-based solution for the luxury brand that could bring mobile consumers and Givenchy together.

YOOSE implemented geofences around four major malls across Saudi Arabia: Red Sea, Dyafah, Dahran and Granada. The YOOSE creative team developed high-quality banners and mobile landing pages in both English and Arabic, which were enabled for detailed tracking of mobile traffic and secondary actions. Consumers were invited to download a coupon from the landing page and present it at purpose-built Givenchy booths to claim their free gift.

The campaign achieved an overall Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.95% across the four malls with the best performance in Dyafah with 1.45% CTR, more than 3 times the industry average.

Beyond CTR: Secondary Action Rate

But more importantly the Secondary Action Rate (SAR) was outstanding; the overall Secondary Action Rate for the campaign was 29.95% and the highest was at the Red Sea Mall was 69.7%, 6 times the industry average!


Driving In-store traffic

Stores reported that so many consumers came to claim the gift that they believed the campaign had gone viral. On average, 10% of store walk-ins purchase $125 worth of goods; indicating that the ROI for the campaign was more than 350%, six times higher than industry average!

The power of the integrated solution

The strength of an integrated end-to-end location-based solution that combined high-relevance, detailed tracking and optimisation meant the campaign went beyond CTR, achieved impressive secondary actions, drove store visits and brought mobile consumers closer to Givenchy.



YOOSE is the market leader in location-based advertising solutions in Asia-Pacific and Europe. An early pioneer in location-based technology, YOOSE has been delivering powerful campaigns for global brands since 2008. YOOSE understands how location-based technology is changing the way mobile consumers behave and interact with brands; it employs its deep expertise, wide experience and passion to help brands capture the opportunities that the rapidly evolving area of location-based advertising can bring.

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