How location can help luxury go mobile

More than three out of four luxury shoppers now own a smartphone, and 59% of traffic to luxury comes from mobile devices. Luxury customers are global, and their online world is mobile.

In this insight report, find out:

  • How location and context are essential for targeting luxury customers
  • How today’s luxury customers make their buying decisions on the go
  • Why luxury retailers need to take advantage of mobile opportunities
  • How luxury brands such as Christian Dior and Vertu have successfully leveraged mobile


YOOSE is the market leader in location-based advertising solutions in Asia-Pacific and Europe. An early pioneer in location-based technology, YOOSE  has been delivering powerful campaigns for global brands since 2008. YOOSE understands how location-based technology is changing the way mobile consumers behave and interact with brands; it employs its deep expertise, wide experience and passion to help brands capture the opportunities that the rapidly evolving area of location-based advertising can bring.

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