Mastering The Micro-Moments

With mobile, micro-moments can now happen anytime and anywhere. Mobile consumers expect brands to give them real-time information that they need in these moments.

Think about the actual retail situation happening today. Footfall to stores has declined due to consumers doing research on purchases beforehand. According to Google, consumers now normally spend less time per visit on a brand’s website, but their conversion level is higher. This means that micro-moments have become the footfall to stores, whether it is the physical or online store.

65% of smartphone users reflected that they use the most relevant information that they can find regardless of the brand, and 1 in 3 has purchased from a brand besides the one that they intended to due to the information provided in time.

Additionally, 51% of smartphone users stumbled upon a new brand or product while conducting a mobile search. Studies have also shown that brands are able to drive brand awareness by 46% when they show up in mobile search.

Billions of micro-moments are happening every day, and brands have to make sure that they are spending enough on their mobile marketing strategy to be wherever and whenever the needs of consumer arises. Brands need to be there for their customers.

Without a doubt, brands get to be in the game just by showing up in the mobile search results. This gives brands a chance to address the needs of consumers, move them along their decision journey and increase their brand loyalty.

Consumers want immediate gratification
60% of online users stated that they are making purchase decisions faster as compared to the past. No doubt, this shift in behaviour was caused by mobile. By using their mobile devices to search for information, their expectations for speed in general increased, and they are almost always in a hurry to get the necessary information.

It is important for brands to note that 29% of smartphone users reflected that they would switch to other mobile sites or apps if their needs are not satisfied, or if it is too slow.

Be location aware
61% of smartphone users say that they are more likely to buy from mobile sites and apps that have ads that customise information with regard to their location. Brands should take advantage of location mobile ads that provide real-time distance updates to stores that are near mobile users.

Connecting the dots

Mobile is the primary platform driving digital today, although other channels matter. Mobile connects the online and offline world, and drives store visits and calls that impact brands.

As the consumer journey is being broken up by the micro-moments on mobile and new ways of engagement are being formed, the assumptions about the value of touchpoints across various media is being challenged.

Consumers now switch amongst different devices effortlessly until they make a purchase, so it is not right to look only at the device where the checkout process was done. This undervalues the role of mobile and does not mean mobile did not play a part.

In fact, mobile helps to connect the dots between all devices and media types, as it is the device that never leaves the consumers. Consumers use mobile to look for prices, information, reviews or call a business directly. Brands have to remember: you do not have mobile customers and desktop customers. You just have customers.

When consumers use their mobile devices, it is these micro-moments that are very critical, as they ultimately play a role in the consumer’s decision to purchase. Approximately $1 trillion in the retail sales of the United States were influenced by mobile in 2015 alone.

Although footfall to retail stores has been in a decline, but there have been an increase in in-store purchases, as 87% of consumers do research before entering a store.

Valuable action

Brands have to make sure to measure the influence of actions, such as calls, cross-device conversions and even footfall to stores. Once you know how your valuable customers convert, incentives and marketing plans can be put in place to acquire and nurture them.

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