Mobile Ads Drive Higher Brand Lift Than Desktop Ads

According to the IAB 2015 Internet Ad Revenue Report, although mobile accounts for 63% of total digital time spent in 2015, but it only attracted 35% of all online ad dollars. This means that there is a gap in monetisation as the industry is still learning how effective mobile ads are, and how good the performance is.

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However, there is good news, as there is increasing proof on the effectiveness of mobile ads, and that they perform better than desktop ads at driving marketing objectives. comScore’s 2015 ad campaign norms report reflected that the performance of mobile ads are excellent when it comes to lower funnel metrics such as recommendation and purchase intent, and the increase in branding for mobile was more than 2 times of desktop ads.


A hypothesis as to why mobile ads work so well is that mobile ads cover most of the screen in mobile, which grabbed the attention of the mobile user. On the other hand, desktop ads are easily overlooked as they are small and often on the side, which can be easily ignored. The success of mobile ads in the lower funnel might also be due to mobile users being closer to the checkout stage in mobile devices than in desktops.


Without a doubt, the performance of mobile ads is something that marketers should take note of, especially from a branding perspective. By not leveraging on mobile ads, marketers are missing out on a significant opportunity that can reach out to their target consumers.

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