Mobile Is Now The First Screen

According to Opera Mediaworks, mobile users are spending approximately 30 minutes every day in mobile apps. With the average time spent in apps exceeding 8 minutes per session, it is obvious that users are spending a significant amount of phone time in apps now, as opposed to other platforms.


While time spent on apps is a measurement of its popularity, the extensive reach of mobile apps is also what has made advertisers sit up and take notice. Mobile now has the ability to reach television-sized audiences and beyond, and this is really good news for marketers.


Despite the ongoing trend of social media, messaging apps and m-commerce, the primary driver of time spent in mobile does not belong to any of these categories. Instead, entertainment and educational apps are responsible for the reach and impressions, according to Opera Mediaworks.


Games are leading the pack for impressions in the United States, followed by News & Information. Social media apps were ranked third, followed by Arts & Entertainment and Music, Video & Media.


These are the apps that provide real value to mobile users, hence driving tremendous growth in the mobile market. These apps are also known as premium apps, as they have the highest ad value. Mobile ads running in these apps have high levels of engagement compared to the rest, and more often than not, higher conversions too.


Targeting options on mobile (layer targeting)

It is important to know where your potential customer is in the mobile-sphere, which category of apps they are spending time on, and knowing when and how they interact with ads within those apps.


It sounds complicated, but fret not. One of the greatest advantages of doing mobile advertising is the wide array of targeting options available to you. Many different types of targeting are available; such as location, device type, OS, demographics and more.



Mobile devices are the most personal devices of consumers, integrated deeply into their everyday lives. It spans all aspects of their personal life, from photos to social networks to music to entertainment and more.


As such, consumers expect a lot from brands when they see advertisements on their personal screens. Brands need to make sure that they are delivering the highest quality content in order to build trust and loyalty.


By applying creativity coupled with accurate demographic and behavioural data of mobile consumers, the brand’s messaging becomes relevant and gets driven into the minds of consumers.


Additionally, brands have to put on their thinking caps to create compelling ways to attract mobile users. Make use of the hardware and software capabilities of mobile devices to develop a truly differentiated and unique mobile ad experience. Doing so will expose your brand to more mobile users, stay in the top of consumers’ minds, and ultimately instill brand loyalty.



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