Native and video ads to be the dominant form of mobile advertising

Mobile advertising has evolved and the direction has changed. Display banners may have been highly sought after by marketers, but not anymore. According to a survey conducted by Trusted Media Brands, video is the new favourite of marketers for mobile advertising. Most think that video and native advertising are less intrusive and lead to increased user engagement and brand awareness.

45% of marketers expressed that they would do mobile advertising again in 2016, and they are looking to use video and native advertising. Most surveyed said that native advertising is the one format that they are looking at, while video was the most popular choice for agency executives.

Marketers chose native advertising as the preferred format for mobile advertising because it is deemed less intrusive, and more effective in driving brand awareness and engagement. It is also less likely to be clicked on accidentally. Agency executives, on the other hand, cited an authentic brand voice and better user experience as the deciding factors for choosing video advertising as the preferred format.

Furthermore, a report released by PulsePoint and Digiday predicted that the spending in native advertising would grow by 46% by 2017. Though the data from Trusted Media Brands estimated the growth in native advertising to be smaller, nevertheless, the two companies have agreed that video and native advertising would be the next hot favourite in mobile advertising. It was also predicted that there would be a 59% increase in content marketing budgets by 2017.

With video and native advertising on mobile devices achieving better cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and better campaign results as compared to other advertising channels, it is clear that two formats will continue to dominate in mobile advertising.



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