Speak The Native Advertising Language In APAC

The rise of native advertising was boosted by the emergence of content marketing. The reign of content came when brands wanted a way to persuade and connect with their target audience through storytelling. And content advertising was born.

It does not matter if a brand is trying to sell convenience with their delivery services, or promoting the benefits of their health products, creating relevant content is key for all brands. However, how do brands ensure that their content are not invading the personal space of consumers, or make it less invasive in the crowded digital space?

Additionally, with more ads targeting the same group of mobile users, ads are invading into the personal space of consumers, resulting in the rise of ad blockers. As a result, brands are leaning towards native advertising which blend in with the surrounding content or app space in order for ads to appear less intrusive and interruptive.

By programmatically controlling native ads, it ensures that the mobile users are seeing the right and relevant content. This helps to make advertising more welcome by allowing the mobile users to choose what and when they want to read.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, eMarketer and IAB US, ads that look like editorial content is predicted to grow from US$8.6 billion in 2016 to US$16.9 billion by 2018. However, this does not mean that marketers should put all their budget into native ads. Brands should spend some time to think of the objectives, resources needed (if it is adequate to allow relevant content), and data (such as the demographics of target audience).

It would be best for marketers not to jump on the bandwagon in order to follow the trends, but to go native only when they have considered everything as mentioned in this article.



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Christian Geissendoerfer