Stores that use location based advertising sees an increase in footfall and website visits

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According to SimilarWeb, consumers are using their mobile devices to visit websites more than ever. This means that retailers should use mobile sites in addition to in-store shopping to make information easily accessible for consumers and to better engage them.

Location based advertising is a form of advertising that integrates mobile advertising with location based services. It allows you to pinpoint consumers’ location to show them location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices; subsequently guiding them to the nearest physical store through real-time distance updates.


By using location based mobile advertising, retailers saw a 74% increment in in-store traffic and a 56% lift in visit frequency. With 94% of mobile users looking for information on their mobile devices and 66% visiting the businesses online and offline after they research, 90% of them take action as a result of what they find.


Additionally, 35% of mobile users shop online using their mobile devices, while 32% have switched to making an online purchase compared to in-store purchase when gathering info about the product online.


Although there are challenges for retailers to understand how to leverage on location based advertising and how to effectively measure it, based on the results above, it is apparent that retailers should jump on the bandwagon for location based advertising to drive in store visits and sales.


We live in an evolving world, where consumers today rely heavily on their mobile devices for almost everything. Location based advertising allows you to get right into that: tapping on the location of consumers, pointing them in the right direction of the stores, driving purchase intent and increasing customer engagement, footfall and sales.



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