The Power of Attribution

With 2016 being a mobile first year, marketers are increasingly using mobile ads to reach out to mobile users as they spend more time on their devices. However, according to Adroll, 41% of marketers deemed mobile attribution as a major stumbling block.


For instance, in order to attribute a download of invitation to a mobile ad accurately, the attribution firm will have to go through several parties to get the unbiased data. This often leads to more friction and complications due to a lack of common industry standards, individual agreements and rules.


Here at YOOSE, we understand that attribution is crucial to the success of marketing, especially for mobile advertising campaigns. Backed by our development team, the YOOSE campaign dashboard allows marketers to do attribution and account for their marketing efforts.


The YOOSE campaign dashboard can measure performance by targeting layers. For example, a premium brand wants to do a mobile advertising campaign in Saudi Arabia, and wants to target only male mobile users between 25 to 40 years old. In this case, the YOOSE campaign dashboard can break the campaign down into three layers: location, demographic and rich media. Layer targeting helps to optimise your campaign, and allows you to tell which types of location and audience combinations are most receptive to your ads.


With the help of YOOSE campaign dashboard to do attribution, marketers can find themselves cutting marketing costs by reducing wasted impressions and greatly improving their Return On Investment (ROI).


Additionally, marketers are able to target prospects who are like their current customers, or prospects that are more inclined to buy. By executing a mobile advertising campaign powered by attribution, it gives marketers a better understanding of their target audience.


Therefore, with proper and accurate attribution for mobile advertising campaigns, marketers are able to have a centralised control of all of their target audience and campaign data. This helps them to manage, analyse, craft, target and optimise campaigns to reach the right group of people and drive improved ROI.




YOOSE is a global audience intelligence platform that aims to connect marketers with their most valuable consumer segments. We have been delivering innovative and powerful mobile campaigns for global brands since 2008. Evolving beyond location based solutions, YOOSE understands how a combination of location and audience profiling is changing the way brands interact with their consumers. We combine cutting edge innovative technology with deep expertise, experience and passion to help global brands and advertisers capture the opportunities of this fast-paced, ever-changing world of location based mobile advertising.
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