The Power Of Location In Mobile Shopping

Nowadays, mobile users have a perpetual connection to their devices. Mobile devices are constantly on their hands or kept nearby, always within reach. The immediacy and connectivity mobile devices offers users almost always creates greater intent to purchase, and boosts sales significantly.


In fact, $1 trillion worth of sales in the United States was influenced by mobile in 2015, and 78% of local mobile searches were converted into purchases. The most effective way to harness the full power of mobile is to use location data, where relevant content is sent to targeted customers to increase their desire to purchase, especially when they are within walking distance of stores.


According to Google, marketing is only effective when the user intent is more powerful than demographics. Brands have to focus on the “micro-moments” during a user’s mobile shopping journey, and deliver personalised and useful messages during these decision-making moments.



Additionally, the physical location of consumers (physically and within their mobile devices), provides insight to which stage they are at in the path to purchase, and their “identity” (anonymous and no privacy concerns) to brands. Location data allows brands to offer customers attractive offers to complete their path to purchase.


Here we give you three reasons why location holds power in mobile shopping.


Ease of personalising content

Many mobile users are willing to share their locations with companies to enhance their shopping experiences, especially when they are looking for last minute promotions or in-store events.


Recent research revealed that 81% of mobile users do not mind sharing their personal particulars in order to obtain discounts. As location based advertising on mobile gets more prevalent, consumers are no longer surprised or annoyed when they receive notifications or see mobile ads notifying them of in-store events or promotions within their vicinity. It is no longer seen as an intrusive invasion of privacy, but rather brands enhancing users’ shopping experience.


Providing a positive experience

By sending relevant and targeted push notifications to consumers’ mobile devices when they are nearby or in-store, brands provide a personalised and positive experience. All consumers have different objectives and mindsets when they walk into a store, compared to when they browse on their mobile devices.


According to Marketing Land, 48% of smartphone users rely on their smartphones for product research while in-store. This shows that online product reviews by users and attractive and captivating visuals are important for brands to capture users’ attention. By using the right technology and marketing strategy, it allows consumers to get the experience they desire.


Meet, or even exceed expectations

Convenience and simplicity are the two basic elements that users are looking out for, especially in their mobile experiences. Information that is captivating and tools that are easy to navigate make it easy for users, and at the same time, create a stronger intent to purchase.


Location data enables marketers to achieve all of the above, and facilitates positive interactions. It calculates the physical distance of mobile users to stores in real-time and with clear calls to action, mobile users are brought from the awareness stage to consideration to purchase, and finally even loyalty. With location data, customers now expect brands to understand and fulfill their needs anywhere and everywhere.

With location based mobile advertising, it has become possible and easy for brands to reach out to consumers with relevant messages at the right time and place, on the very devices that they never put down.




YOOSE is a global audience intelligence platform that aims to connect marketers with their most valuable consumer segments. We have been delivering innovative and powerful mobile campaigns for global brands since 2008. Evolving beyond location based solutions, YOOSE understands how a combination of location and audience profiling is changing the way brands interact with their consumers. We combine cutting edge innovative technology with deep expertise, experience and passion to help global brands and advertisers capture the opportunities of this fast-paced, ever-changing world of location based mobile advertising.
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