The Power Of Mobile On Millennials

Mobile devices are taking over our everyday lives. You look at your mobile phone within an hour of waking up (for some, it is the first thing they look at upon waking up). You use your mobile device for everything; to read news, watch videos, chat with friends, update social media and catch up on work; this shows no signs of slowing down.


Quantcast and Censuswide conducted research in the United Kingdom, France and Germany for smartphone users aged 16 and above, and below is a summary of their findings.


The influence of mobile ads

According to the research, 64% of consumers made purchases under the influence of mobile ads. This figure rose to 80% among millennials, out of which 43% were more likely to make purchases when relevant mobile ads were pushed to them. Additionally, 76% of millennials were willing to accept or welcome relevant ads to appear on their mobile devices. It was also found that 37% of millennials believe that brand awareness is increased via mobile advertising.


Use of mobile devices

On average, 41% of consumers use their mobile devices to research and make purchase decisions on how and what to spend their money on. This is important to marketers as this figure increases to 51% for consumers aged 25 to 34.


Moreover, one third of respondents revealed that they shop and make purchases using their mobile devices, with 26% stating that they would spend more time shopping on their mobile devices in the next year. On average, consumers aged 25 to 34 make two purchases on their mobile devices every week.


It was also found that consumers are three times more likely to research travel-related information using their mobile devices. With a significant number of consumers doing research on their mobile devices, it has now become a shopping catalogue for advertisers. The growth of consumer research done on mobile devices poses as a fantastic opportunity for brands to reach these consumers, and in turn influence their decision-making and path to purchase.


Pushing relevant mobile ads

However, as easy as it sounds to target and gain millennials’ interest on their mobile devices, these same consumers are also easily annoyed when irrelevant mobile ads appear. 33% stated that they are more likely to purchase from a brand with relevant ads shown (43% among 16 to 34 years old), while brands pushing irrelevant ads are at risk of decreased brand affinity and loyalty. It is also critical that brands make it easy and convenient for consumers to follow through on their purchases on their mobile devices. This can be done by making the call-to-action buttons such as ‘Buy Now’ visible, and offering an overall seamless and fuss-free customer mobile experience.


Mobile will continue to evolve especially amongst millennials, thus marketers need to ensure that products and services featured in their mobile ads are relevant and welcomed by consumers. Increasing relevance while targeting consumers in the right place at the right time ensures that these ads and the brands remain at the top of consumers’ minds. On the other hand, bombarding or pushing irrelevant ads results in brands being left behind and losing out to their competitors.


Marketing should begin with mobile, as that is where consumers are spending most of their time. More specifically, location based mobile advertising can open up vast opportunities for brands to deliver highly targeted, relevant and personal ads to mobile shoppers. This can play a major role in influencing shoppers’ decision-making and path to purchase.




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