The Steadfast Rules To Target Mobile Users

Steadfast Rules To Target Mobile Users


September 6, 2016
by Shelia Say

Facebook IQ and GfK recently conducted a survey on 1,000 adults aged between 18 to 54, who use a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop at least once a week across three markets in Asia Pacific: Thailand, Australia and Taiwan. According to the results, over 95% of people in each market use at least two devices. A third of the surveyed adults use three devices: a smartphone, a tablet, and a desktop or laptop.


This is considered a relatively recent phenomenon for Thailand, as it is an emerging market. 39% of Thais surveyed moved from having just one to having multiple devices in recent years. Three out of four multi-device users in Thailand are millennials, and almost one out of four are students. In Taiwan however, the majority of multi-device users are from ages 35 to 54, and in Australia, half are parents.


The world is in their hands (literally)

Besides connecting people and providing a plethora of entertainment, devices open up a world of opportunities that were previously out of reach. Over 60% of multi-device users surveyed in each market agreed that the usage of multi-devices has improved their lives, especially for Thailand, where 83% of them agreed.


Smartphones connect people from all over the globe, through various social media platforms and more. Tablets provide easy access to entertainment, such as games and videos. Desktops or laptops are for day-to-day use, such as shopping, work or research.


However, the smartphone reigns above all other devices as the favourite device for Thailand (61%) and Taiwan (47%). In Australia however, it remains a draw alongside desktops and laptops(40%). This result is not surprising, given that smartphones provide a plethora of information, give more control to people, and make them feel more confident. On average, 21% of respondents in all three markets agree that smartphones empower them.


Although most people would agree that smartphones are the most personal and private device, the survey results disagree. It was found that 85%, 76% and 68% in Thailand, Taiwan and Australia respectively stated that they are happy to share their smartphones with others.



The survey results also show that people in all three markets use their smartphones more than any other device. Thais use their smartphones the most, and 79% of them say that they would have used their smartphones by 9am. On the other hand, 66% of Aussie and Taiwanese multi-device users stated that they use either their tablet, desktop or laptop.


Smartphones are the number one companion of people; whether they are in bed, watching television, doing work or even using the washroom, their smartphones are never far.


Recently, trendy devices such as wearables have made significant waves and made their way into people’s lives. According to the survey, one out of four people in Australia, Taiwan and Thailand stated that wearables make them feel “advanced”. Wearable devices have been projected to grow by 20% by 2019, hitting 173 million units worldwide.


The value to marketers

Brands are able to stay in the top of minds of people, improving unaided brand recall, especially when they push relevant and cohesive messages via multiple screens. By delivering a seamless experience across multiple devices, people using different devices are exposed to messages more than once a day and in different contexts. In order to provide the best user experience, brands need to deliver high quality, relevant and integrated content across multiple screens to accommodate users toggling between their multiple devices.


By understanding the preferences of multi-device users, brands can harness the power of personalisation and tailor messages to the right person at the right time through the right device. Additionally, brands need to be future-ready, as the behaviour of multi-device users will continue to evolve. Brands should work to always stay up-to-date with device preferences and modern trends of mobile users.



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