The Year Of Mobile Advertising

Return On Investment (ROI) is raking in for digital marketers as compared to two years ago, according to a recent marketing report from Salesforce. The report released stated that a lot of marketers are happily measuring high ROI from their digital marketing campaigns.


According to the report, 2016 is a tipping point for digital marketing, where marketers are spending around 70% of their total budget on digital marketing channels. It is predicted that 97% of marketing leaders will increase or maintain their spending on digital marketing in the next two years. A 21% growth in digital marketing spending from 2011 to 2021 is expected. Salesforce also expects marketing leaders to spend 75% of their total marketing budget on digital marketing rather than traditional marketing by 2021.


Additionally, out of 4,000 marketers surveyed, 79% agreed that mobile is core in their marketing strategy. It is also reflected in the survey that 77% found that mobile generated a 147% increase, while location based mobile ads generated a 149% increase in ROI.


Moreover, marketers who are early adopters are seeing the results of their investment. Marketers gave a rating of at least 82% to the use of Internet of Things (IoT) and 74% for location based mobile campaigns as very effective in reaching out to consumers.



Furthermore, video and native advertising were rated as a very effective digital advertising strategy, where 54% of marketers are currently using, with 21% and 18% planning to use video and native advertising respectively in the next year.


With a variety of digital mobile campaigns for marketers to choose from, marketers are spoilt for choice and many rate all these campaign types as worthwhile. It is worth noting that marketers find mobile campaigns best for reaching out to customers in the moment with specific, customised offers.



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