On YOOSE's Response to GDPR

As many are aware (and have likely received dozens of emails already), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union goes into full effect today, May 25, 2018. This regulation has wide ranging impact on a variety of businesses, including YOOSE, who may be based outside of the EU, but do business inside the zone, and therefor must follow the law. Advertisers in particular face extra scrutiny of late, so we take this regulation seriously.

Our team has been studying our readiness for this regulation over the past few months, and taking initiative to ensure that we are compliant with both current and future implications of this law, including:

  • Designating a 'Data Protection Officer'. Even though YOOSE is exempt from this requirement under GDPR, we feel this is an appropriate step to take.

  • Hardening the security of our systems, and taking steps to move our database and applications from data-centers in Singapore to a more central location in Europe.

To learn more about our response to this regulation, and the steps we are taking, please see the below link to the official statement from YOOSE.

Looking forward to a great year ahead!
The YOOSE Team

Update 14-03-2019: YOOSE Has released and update to it’s Privacy Statement. You may use the same link to download below.