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Precise Targeting

Our cutting edge location technology allows us to precisely target audiences who are physically within the fully customised geofences, and engage these audiences. 

We access our vast network of high quality location filtered impressions to identify unique audiences for each campaign, and show relevant ads to these users. 



Captivating Ads

We design innovative and captivating ads to capture users' attention.

All display ads shown to mobile users are based on context and location to ensure relevance.

Dynamic ads then drive footfall by guiding consumers to the nearest point of sale.

YOOSE - video ad

Video Ads

Leverage mobile's fastest growing segment with us, by combining the power of online video and location.

Did you know that pre roll video ads get more attention and time from users!





Our Bluetooth Beacons engage consumers in-store or nearby via their mobile devices, influencing them at key decision-making points on the path to purchase.

This drives footfall and activates sales and customer conversions.

Furthermore, providing useful and relevant deals and promotions to consumers aids in building brand loyalty. 


Even More Precision

We believe that location is the new cookie.

Our powerfully integrated retargeting solutions learn across all technologies such as GPS and Beacons, so that retargeting efforts continually improves in real time.