YOOSE Hyperlocal

Our YOOSE proprietary location accuracy technology strategically intercepts consumers key consideration moments. This solution is best suited to drive effective footfall to stores, increase the awareness of tactical promotions and drive effective engagement with potential consumers.

Brands would also be able to use this solution to target within the locations of competitors’ to drive consumers to your stores with real-time distance updates.  


YOOSE Persona

We curate your brand's most valuable consumer segments through machine learning and data analysis.. This solution is best suited when you have tactical product launches and want to drive awareness, and to reach out to contextually relevant audience. The audience profile segments are based on diverse attributes such as real-time location, internet signals, historical location and consumer interactions.

Through this solution, you will be able to target based on audience profile such as white collars, students, parents and more. 

YOOSE - video ad

YOOSE Retargetting

Reinforce and re-engage your target audience through this solution. This solution is key as when consumers see and/or click on the ad, their advertising ID is collected for retargetting. Brands will be able to retarget users regardless of location and time with relevant product content to increase loyalty and repeat visits.

More importantly, it also reinforces previous campaign messages.




YOOSE Beacons

Our Bluetooth Beacons engage consumers in-store or nearby via their mobile devices, influencing them at key decision-making points on the path to purchase.

This drives footfall and activates sales and customer conversions.

Furthermore, providing useful and relevant deals and promotions to consumers aids in building brand loyalty. 



YOOSE Contextual

Own your most valuable consumers at contextually relevant environment. Drive brand affinity with premium apps or specific app category. Reach consumers in places where they are, such as travel apps, news apps, and entertainment apps using standard, interstitial and rich media banners.

This solution is best suited for driving tactical product launches and promotions, as well as reaching contextually relevant audience.




Extend your television commercial (TVC) or video assets into mobile. Study has shown that 50% remember more from videos than text, and 60% prefer watching a video message than reading.

This solution is best suited to drive incremental video reach and engagement through interactive buttons. Video ads help brands to reach a broader target audience and create user-initiated engagement.





Drive impactful engagement on the most premium apps and sites through the use of standard, interstitial and rich media banners. This solution is best for driving brand awareness, product launches and re-launches, as well as targeting a broad audience.