Right message. Right context. Right audience.

We use big data to analyse and identify unique advertising opportunities for each campaign. This means we push only relevant ads that we believe will capture mobile audiences’ attention, generating great results.

YOOSE - more relvant content

Relevant Content

Our location based ads capture consumers’ attention both in-app and on browsers.

Our dynamic ads guide consumers to points-of-sale.

Video pre-roll ads also get longer viewing times. 

Right message at the right time in the right location = More attention

YOOSE - precision targeted audiences

Precise Audience

We help advertisers pinpoint users’ real-time location and engage them at key decision-making points, retargetting them at a later time. 

More effective targetting = Less wasted advertising budget

YOOSE - location-driven results1.jpg

Location-Driven Results

Our location based advertising solutions help clients drive footfall, go head-to-head with competitors via geo-conquesting, engage consumers when and where it matters, activate sales and conversions, and garner brand loyalty. 

In a mobile world, location gets results!