mobile advertising technologies

Over the years, YOOSE has pioneered a location based ad platform that allows more precise, location specific targeting per mobile advertising dollar spent.



Brings global brands to the local map with location-based mobile advertising technology. Our targeting technology, often to a radius of just a few meters, allows us to leverage location to target more relevant consumers before, after, or directly at point of interest. Identify where your customers are, at what time, and know when they want and need your product or service the most.



Footfall, also known as traffic to a Point of Interest (POI), is an important indicator to the success in bringing customers into brick and mortar stores. YOOSE offers proprietary footfall tracking technology to help brands measure and maximize store visits. This is done through geo-targeted ads that encourage more visitors, followed by location tracking to measure the uplift in store visits.

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Our retargeting technology goes beyond what traditional re-targeting allows. With advanced analytics and powerful processing capabilities, brands can now devise complex strategies to make sure they can stay on top of the customers' minds anytime, anywhere.



YOOSE allows brands to measure view-ability for campaigns according to the latest MRC guidelines. We offer the possibility to optimize impression and click rate by selectively optimizing ad placements. Brands can now have the option to ensure their ads are programmatically displayed in apps and websites with higher number of viewable impressions and interaction rates.

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What is better than YOOSE Hyperlocal? YOOSE Hyperlocal with Social Engagement! Our unique solution allows brands to capture and re-target their stores' patrons on social networks. This helps brands to gain an advantage over competitors by not only targeting them in and around stores, but outside any location constraints.