Setting up a location-driven strategy is only one part, the other is to measure how successful it is. A marketer should ask: How many people are driven by the campaign to arrive at the location?






How Footfall Attribution Works

Step 1

YOOSE identifies and activates a Geo-fence around the locations where the target audience most likely resides, serving them ads to generate local awareness of the Point of Interest, such as a store, or event, and concurrently collects mobile location information.


Step 2

In the same manner, YOOSE also activates the Point of Interest with the smallest possible radius to gather location information.

Step 3

The YOOSE DMP identifies the mobile devices that are both present in the geo-fences, and after applying filtering algorithms to remove unwanted traffic, will produce the Footfall (store visits) report. These users can be targeted again, at any time, according to the specific needs of the advertiser.