YOOSE Retargeting

Remarketing must have been as old as digital advertising and most often associated with cookies. We went above and beyond with our DMP to help you create the most bespoke retargeting strategies.






How It Works



Tell us how you want to retarget the customers who have been to your activated geo-fence with YOOSE Hyperlocal.


Audience Marking

YOOSE DMP captures the mobile audience who fits your criteria in the marked geofence and stores the data in our Analytics tool for further analysis.



Our DMP analyses and divides the collected audience into multiple groups according to your different retargeting strategies.(Examples: day, time, gender, degree of exposure to the campaign.)


Data Integration

Our DMP is seamlessly and dynamically integrated with various inventory partners so you can retarget your audience at any point after the campaign has started, to preserve the freshness of the first exposure.