How can hyper-local advertising benefit Vietnam F&B Marketers?

In the morning, the first thing we do is to check our phones. At night, our phones are where we turn to before bed. With a rapidly expanding mobile landscape, Vietnam cannot separate herself from this trend. According to Statista, smartphone penetration rate in Vietnam takes up 34% of the total population. In 2023, this number is expected to rise significantly to 45%.


As the mobile usage is exploding, businesses are forced to adapt their marketing strategies to incorporate a higher stake of mobile initiatives. F&B retailers can implement Mobile Ads banners to reach the right target audiences with greater ease. In fact, many in Vietnam have beefed up their campaigns with promotions released on Social Platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Some go so far as to get Influencers to strengthen their digital footprints. However, some F&B retailers are looking deeper into strategies to help them target more precisely their audience or drive “last-mile” conversions more effectively, on top of what they have done on other mass mobile strategies.


Modern marketers can now explore Hyperlocal Advertising, a precise mobile targeting technology with the ability to map out mobile users’ location, drive offline visits and retarget them at other places and time to reinforce the brand’s message. In specific, YOOSE captures and segments data in order to suggest the best location strategy, layered with audience targeting. As such, YOOSE technology can help a restaurant to attract customers who are not only walking nearby but also most likely to check out the store. This has proven to be a potent solution for marketers in F&B industry across EU and APAC regions and in the past 10 years, YOOSE has specialized in this advanced form of location-based technology and delivered highly targeted campaigns..


YOOSE highly recommends Hyperlocal Targeting Strategy for the following objectives:

Promotion & Awareness: Boost brand recognition and “top of mind” positioning for new brands, product lines, store locations, menus or any specific promotion campaigns.

Activation Campaign: Advertise in a particular area with the sole purpose of reaching the most relevant audiences, conveying the brand’s message at the right time to generate conversion and brand’s loyalists.

Footfall Optimization: Accurate measurement of digital-to-offline traffic influenced by the brand’s campaigns.

Location Insights: Identify target audiences and optimize campaign performance on the run.


Mobile location-based advertising offers many strategic advantages. As a dedicated and experienced team of experts, YOOSE delivers a dynamic digital location game plan that goes well with other offline initiatives to ensure the best marketing performance for your brands.