Introduction To Location Based Advertising Part 2

Founder and CEO of YOOSE, Christian Geissendoerfer talks about the role mobile will play in coming years for marketing and advertising. This short video covers the main points of:

  • Why is location important in mobile marketing
  • How does location based advertising work?
  • How do we make location based advertising more engaging and effective?


YOOSE is a global audience intelligence platform that aims to connect marketers with their most valuable consumer segments. We have been delivering innovative and powerful mobile campaigns for global brands since 2008. Evolving beyond location based solutions, YOOSE understands how a combination of location and audience profiling is changing the way brands interact with their consumers. We combine cutting edge innovative technology with deep expertise, experience and passion to help global brands and advertisers capture the opportunities of this fast-paced, ever-changing world of location based mobile advertising.
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