YOOSE China Offer


In the past few years, targeting mainland Chinese consumers have created much buzz in the digital advertising world. The economic potential in reaching this audience comes from the massive spending power that can help international advertisers to propel their top and bottom lines.

The strategy to approach this audience is two-fold: (1) while they are within China (in-situ) or (2) when they are travelling to other countries (ex-situ). Both strategies experience a common problem of a lack of mobile ad inventory as the mainland Chinese mobile users spend the majority of their time on publishers / content providers exclusively offered in China.


In addition, the ad inventory from these publishers/providers is often with limited access and commands a premium price with a high buying volume commitment. As such, while there are many consumers in China, there are only a handful of international advertisers who can afford to reach the mainland Chinese consumers.


With our extensive network of partners, YOOSE can now cater this access to advertisers who want to bring their products or services to the Chinese market. We mobilize the ad traffic via programmatic protocols and layer them with our hyperlocal targeting technology. This potent combination can bring about a new approach for advertisers who are either new to the market or have been mass targeting China but now seeking for higher location targeting precision.

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