Location Weekly podcast covers Uberall's AI, Guala's revival, and Cyreen's shopping cart analytics - Weeky Ep.613

In the latest episode of Location Weekly podcast, the hosts delved into some highly intriguing topics. Firstly, they discussed Uberall's latest AI and chatbot solution which aims to assist location-based businesses to respond to customer queries and unlock new revenue opportunities. The hosts also explored the potential of chatbots for streamlining customer support and boosting revenue. Secondly, the podcast covered the revival of Guala, a popular location-based social network from the early days of location-based services. The hosts examined the possibility of integrating chatbot technology into Guala's platform and the impact it could have on the future of social media. Lastly, they discussed Cyreen, a German company that has developed technology to tie in-store messaging impressions to individual shoppers using shopping carts. The hosts explored the potential of this technology for retail media networks and the impact it could have on retail analytics. As an expert blogger, it's quite fascinating to delve into these innovative topics with a professional mindset.

Source: The LBMA