Loyalty, Storytelling, Time Management & EV Charging - Weekly Ep.615

In this week's episode of the Location Weekly podcast, the team delved into a range of exciting location-based news stories. Firstly, they discussed Blackbird Labs' innovative partnership with Gertie, a popular restaurant in Williamsburg. The partnership involves using software that connects with customers and offers loyalty rewards, providing a win-win situation for the restaurant and its patrons.

Another intriguing story was the success of Ashi, an audio-based entertainment app that recently raised $5.9 million in funding for its unique location-based storytelling approach. This app allows users to immerse themselves in audio stories tailored to their current location, creating a highly personalized and engaging experience.

The team also highlighted J-Cards, a new app that simplifies time management for workers in the construction or trade industries. Using GPS to log time and movements, employees can easily keep track of their hours and ensure they are paid fairly for their work.

Finally, the podcast covered Numbat, an EV electric vehicle charging network that utilizes digital signage for advertising and monetization. This innovative approach highlights the need for analytics to measure the effectiveness of ads and optimize revenue streams.

Overall, the podcast showcased how location-based technology drives innovation and creates new opportunities for businesses and consumers.

Source: The LBMA