Revolutionizing Location-Based Services with VPS Technology Weekly Ep.612

Location Weekly of LBMA is a well-regarded podcast that focuses on the latest news and advancements in location-based technology. In the latest episode, number 610, the hosts discussed two groundbreaking technologies. The first one is Immerseal Oy's visual positioning system, which offers a high degree of indoor-based accuracy for its enterprise customers and mobile network operators. This technology has a wide range of potential applications, including emergency response and augmented reality experiences for tourists.

The second technology discussed in the podcast was Swyft's Arrive VPS. This technology has been designed specifically for indoor navigation and wayfinding, which makes it ideal for places like airports and museums. The hosts of the podcast were thrilled about the potential of these technologies to revolutionize the location-based industry. During the discussion, they emphasized the importance of using advanced mapping techniques and computer vision algorithms to create more reliable and precise location-based services.

This podcast episode provides valuable insights into the latest developments in the location-based industry, highlighting the growing importance of VPS technology in both indoor and outdoor navigation.

Source: LBMA