How Location-Based Marketing is Transforming and Thriving with LocaChange, Local Logic, Verizon, and Acosta Group - Location Weekly Eps. 632

This week on Location Weekly, we explore four topics that showcase the transformation and growth of location-based marketing and technology. You’ll find out how LocaChange is releasing a location control app that lets users manage their location data and preferences. You’ll also learn how Local Logic is raising $13M for real estate tech that uses location intelligence to match buyers and renters with properties. You’ll see how Verizon and The Met are partnering to bring museum items to Roblox using 5G and AR. And you’ll discover how Acosta Group and Pensa Systems are partnering on computer vision shelf tech that monitors inventory and optimizes merchandising. Don’t miss this episode of Location Weekly, where we bring you the latest news and insights on location-based marketing and technology.


  • [📍] LocaChange releases a location control app. 
  • [🏠] Local Logic raises $13M for real estate tech. 
  • [🖼️] Verizon and The Met bring items to Roblox. 
  • [👀] Acosta Group and Pensa Systems partner on shelf tech.