Outform’s Future Mannequins, Agenty AI’s POI Services, Atlanta BeltLine’s Digital Inclusion, and Gale’s Chipotle Doppelganger - Location Weekly Episode 635

In this episode, we cover four topics that highlight the creativity and value of location intelligence in various sectors. You’ll learn how Outform is creating the mannequins of the future that can interact with shoppers and display personalized content. You’ll also find out how Agenty AI is launching new POI services in India that can help businesses optimize their location data and analytics. You’ll see how Atlanta BeltLine is getting smart with a digital inclusion project that aims to provide free Wi-Fi and smart city services along the trail. And you’ll discover how Gale is finding success with Chipotle Doppelgänger, a campaign that uses location data to match customers with their burrito twins. Don’t miss this episode of Location Weekly, where we keep you informed on the latest trends and developments in location-based marketing and technology. 


  • [👗] Outform creates the mannequins of the future. 
  • [🗺️] Agenty AI launches new POI services in India. 
  • [🌐] Atlanta BeltLine gets smart with a digital inclusion project. 
  • [🌯] Gale finds success with Chipotle Doppelganger.